Monday, July 28, 2014

Allen (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Shoulder Width 35cm,Bust 91cm,Sleeve Length 59cm,Length 59/71cm
                       M-Shoulder Width 37cm,Bust 97cm,Sleeve Length 60cm,Length 62/74cm
                        L-Shoulder Width 39cm,Bust 102cm,Sleeve Length 61cm,Length 65/78cm
Material: Polyester
Price: RM58

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Raya Promo!!

All orders placed now will get 10% discount regardless of quantity!!
Offer valid till end of July.
So start shopping now!!

Megan (Pre-order)

Measurements: Shoulder Width 50cm,Bust 98cm,Sleeve Length 49cm,Length 55/64cm
Material: Cotton
Price: RM65

Anne (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Bust 100cm,Sleeve Length 35cm,Length 55cm
                       M-Bust 104cm,Sleeve Length 36cm,Length 55cm
                        L-Bust 108cm,Sleeve Length 37cm,Length 55cm
Material: Cotton Blend
Price: RM60

Lauren (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Shoulder Width 37cm,Bust 90cm,Sleeve Length 59cm,Length 64cm
                       M-Shoulder Width 38cm,Bust 94cm,Sleeve Length 60cm,Length 65cm
                        L-Shoulder Width 39cm,Bust 98cm,Sleeve Length 61cm,Length 66cm
Material: Polyester
Price: RM60

Fleur (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Shoulder Width 38cm,Bust 94cm,Sleeve Length 59cm,Length 51cm
                       M-Shoulder Width 39cm,Bust 98cm,Sleeve Length 60cm,Length 52cm
                        L-Shoulder Width 40cm,Bust 102cm,Sleeve Length 61cm,Length 53cm
Material: Cotton
Price: RM65

Mori (Pre-order)

Measurements: M-Shoulder Width 35cm,Bust 98cm,Length 78cm
                        L-Shoulder Width 36cm,Bust 102cm,Length 78cm
Material: Knit
Price: RM60

Trina (Pre-order)

Measurements: Bust 100cm,Length 86cm
Material: Knit
Price: RM63

Claire (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Shoulder Width 37cm,Bust 100cm,Sleeve Length 60cm,Length 67cm
                       M-Shoulder Width 38cm,Bust 104cm,Sleeve Length 61cm,Length 68cm
                        L-Shoulder Width 39cm,Bust 108cm,Sleeve Length 62cm,Length 69cm
Material: Cotton
Price: RM60

Autumn (Pre-order)

Measurements: M-Bust 100cm,Sleeve Length 60cm,Length 62cm
                        L-Bust 104cm,Sleeve Length 61cm,Length 64cm
Material: Cotton Blend
Price: RM60