Thursday, September 25, 2014

Leigh (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Shoulder Width 37cm,Bust 80cm,Sleeve Length 59cm,Length 85cm
                         M-Shoulder Width 38cm,Bust 84cm,Sleeve Length 60cm,Length 86cm
                          L-Shoulder Width 39cm,Bust 88cm,Sleeve Length 61cm,Length 87cm
                       XL-Shoulder Width 40cm,Bust 92cm,Sleeve Length 62cm,Length 88cm
Material: Cotton Blend
Price: RM65

Emma (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Shoulder Width 38cm,Bust 92cm,Sleeve Length 56cm,Length 67cm
                         M-Shoulder Width 39cm,Bust 96cm,Sleeve Length 57cm,Length 68cm
                          L-Shoulder Width 40cm,Bust 100cm,Sleeve Length 58cm,Length 69cm
Material: Cotton
Price: RM60

Lewis (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Shoulder Width 40cm,Bust 92cm,Sleeve Length 59cm,Length 67cm
                         M-Shoulder Width 41cm,Bust 96cm,Sleeve Length 60cm,Length 68cm
                          L-Shoulder Width 42cm,Bust 100cm,Sleeve Length 61cm,Length 69cm
Material: Cotton Blend
Price: RM65

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Promo!!

All orders placed now will get 10% discount regardless of quantity!!
Offer valid till end of September.
So start shopping now!!

Carter (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Shoulder Width 37cm,Bust 92cm,Sleeve Length 57cm,Length 61cm
                         M-Shoulder Width 38cm,Bust 95cm,Sleeve Length 58cm,Length 62cm
                          L-Shoulder Width 39cm,Bust 98cm,Sleeve Length 59cm,Length 63cm
Material: Chiffon
Price: RM63

Harvey (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Shoulder Width 36cm,Bust 82cm,Sleeve Length 46cm,Length 52cm
                         M-Shoulder Width 37cm,Bust 88cm,Sleeve Length 47cm,Length 53cm
                          L-Shoulder Width 38cm,Bust 92cm,Sleeve Length 48cm,Length 54cm
Material: Cotton Blend
Price: RM68

Gillian (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Length 81cm
                         M-Length 82cm
                          L-Length 83cm
Material: Chiffon
Price: RM72

Asher (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Waist 64cm,Length 42cm
                         M-Waist 68cm,Length 43cm
                          L-Waist 72cm,Length 44cm
Material: Polyester
Price: RM65

Rosa (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Length 78cm
                         M-Length 79cm
                          L-Length 80cm
Material: Polyester
Price: RM68

Colin (Pre-order)

Measurements: S-Length 70cm
                         M-Length 71cm
                          L-Length 72cm
Material: Polyester
Price: RM65